Monday, May 28, 2012

Tasting Plus 2012 Event Schedule

So wine, like life, goes on. Not a deep thought but certainly one filled with truth. I see wines I really love selling out and walk downstairs to the winery and look at the barrels and ask myself, “Can I do it again?” Gladly, with ten years of commercial winemaking under the belt I know the answer is “Yes!” Every year brings different wines with different flavors and, as the old saying goes, “You can’t make all the people happy all the time.”

Yesterday I had a nice group of four people do a tasting and they raved about most all the wine and bought a case. My next group of five had three in it that hated every wine I poured for them, but the other two liked several and bought what they liked. That’s the way it is and its really one reason I love the whole winery concept. Try before you buy and buy what you really like. Now it’s true a number of wineries have started charging for tasting, typically $2 to $5 dollars, although I have heard as high as $10!! I know some charge to offset the cost of tasting, some to discourage non-buyers, and others because they just do not like to wash glasses, they sell you a glass for the tasting. We’ll stick to free tasting here tho’….

We’ve got our summer free-event schedule complete. June 16th is the Strawberry Festival; we’ll introduce a new strawberry wine and offer fresh strawberries and toppings. July 21 will be our ninth annual Chocolate Anniversary with gourmet chocolate and lots of fun. August 18 starts Cheese Days, parting wine with free samples. Our Cheesecake Festival is September 15 and it’s our Big Event, so come early to sample some great desserts.