Sunday, November 11, 2012

Parking Eliminated in front of Winery!

On Wednesday, November 7, INDOT came into Converse and installed No Parking signs up and down SR 18. This includes right in front of the Winery, eliminating all of our parking within a two block radius. This will force our customers to walk quite a distance to get to our business.

We have received no response to our inquiries as to WHY this action was taken as of Friday. We have written the Govenor and our state representatives.

In the ten years we have been here, there have been only two property-damage accidents and NO personal injury accidents as a result of on-street parking at the winery.

We believe this action will cost us between 25% and 50% of our drop-in business over the next few months and more beyond.

Please email our state representative/senator at the following addresses and express your concern as to this unreasonable restriction on our business. Please cut-n-paste these email addresses into your email.
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