Friday, April 3, 2009

I do not do politics...

But I am am struggling with the issue of the statehouse doubling the tax on wine. Its not like I am going to picket or write letters, its just ticks me off that they want to rasie a tax because they are running out of money to run the huge sports venues in Indy.

Now, they say that locally collected taxes will be used locally, only Marion County taxes will be used to support the Stadium and the Fieldhouse. So why do we (and you) have to pay more for wine, beer, and spirits because the guys running these places cannot spend the money right?

Ok, thanks, I am going to try to get past it now. On to more interesting things...

I heard from the Indiana Wine & Grape Council that there are as many as ten new wineries set to open in 2009, WOW! From 40 to 50 in one year, in this economy? The odd thing is most winery owners do not see this as a bad thing, since most (but not all) act as promoters of the Indiana wine industry as well as out own winery. I suspect the liquor and wine distributors and retailers will be not as happy about this as they might be. Too many of these folks see wineries as stealing a portion of their business, but in my winery I see people becoming new wine drinkers every day. That means there are more people visiting the retailers looking at wine, people who did not come in looking at wine before and I think that is good for the retailers, they need to see that we are feeding them more business then we are supposedly taking from them.

In our winery, we have been working hard trying to get the 2008 vintage ready to bottle. We are out of two of our big sellers, due to higher demand then we expected. We have a few old favorites made from Michigan grapes we hope are a surprise to our regulars and a delite to new visitors.

On April 25, we will host another free, 90-minute seminar, this one on home winemaking. We limit attendance to 20 people (its a small space people!) so resreve your space soon at

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