Thursday, July 30, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I was reading a Dilbert cartoon book last evening and one series caught my attention. Dilbert asks his boss to choose between two options, diametrically opposed. His boss says, “Do both!” to Dilbert’s frustration.

It gave me pause as I have been pondering whether to jump in and make some vinifera wines or stick with native and hybrid grapes we’ve been using since we opened. The answer was so obvious I am surprised no one suggested it! “Do both!”

Now that is not as simplistic a thought as you might guess, especially with a small winery having very limited space and storage capacity. But if we do it on a reasonable scale, I think this could work. We will produce a line of vinifera wines to offer in tandem with our regular fare. Of course, we will have to limit how much we make, but this is a solution to allow the customers to taste and decide which they prefer.

One suggestion that a reader did make was to offer both naturally-made and more conventionally made wines. We have been offering low sulfite, naturally made wines since we opened, although there is some frustration with suppliers who sulfite their juices in storage. We’ll address the issue of what impact the “naturally-made” angle of our wine has had on sales and the effect it has on market in an upcoming blog.

Now, does anyone have a really good Pinot Noir recipe? :)

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