Sunday, July 12, 2009

Winery Vacations?

Have you ever thought about taking a whole vacation built around winery touring? I have, I see those European travel shows where they cruise down the Danube or the Rhine and hit the many wineries perched on the backs of these historic rivers.

I have thought about a swing through France, Italy, or Spain visiting the big and the small, chateau’s and wine cooperatives. The variety of tastes, the scenery, and the people.

Well, I have done this very same thing in Missouri, in Michigan, and in Indiana and found much the same, except no castles of course. This summer we will be visiting a favorite spot, the Traverse City, Michigan area, where there are dozens of wineries in a 30 mile radius, too many to visit in a day or even a weekend.

We will take our annual Missouri fall trip in October and we are considering hitting some old favorites, but quite possibly visiting a new part of the state where we will find a whole different style of winemaking. Of course, we often find a variance in styles from winery to winery within a region or area, but the local fruit often drives a general style with the individual influence of the winemaker making a wine good or great.

One of the driving forces behind the promotion of wine trails and regions is to make it easy for consumers to plan wine-themed trips and vacations. Some folks spend a day, many a weekend, but a few will spend many days making visits to theses wineries and having a great time doing it.

If you’d like help planning your own get-away, we ‘re always happy to make a few suggestion, stop in or email us anytime, -

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  1. have I thought about it? are you kidding?!
    That's what our honeymoon was...all over the Sonoma valley and it was fantastic!