Friday, April 2, 2010

Have you mowed yet?

The sun is shining and the grass is growing and temperatures are at July levels, welcome to April folks! The winery is staying quite busy (thank you!) and we survived the Kokomo Home Show last weekend.

The Home Show was a fun, we surprised a lot of people by being there, and met a lot of people who said, “We’ve been meaning to get out there…”. Its was a new experience for my wife, I have worked home shows before for other jobs, but she did not realize how long the day could be when you are standing and pouring wine for eight hours straight. We did buy a number of new things to allow us to work the show, a pop-up tent, a bar-height table, a new cash register, and a whole bunch of disposable wine glasses. So we are set for the next off-site event!

I have been asked about our April Special Event and I am happy to announce it will be Sunday, April 18th at 4:30 pm, entitled: “Winemaking at Home and in the Winery”. I will discuss and explain both basic home winemaking methods and commercial methods; we will include a walk through our winemaking area; and respond to any winemaking questions you have. As always, this 90-minute seminar is FREE and all you have to do is email us and reserve your spot(s). Watch us here in May, we’ll be having our Spring Open House with free tours and other fun stuff happening.

I do not know why I tend to use violent terms when discussing winemaking. A customer asked me about the blueberry I have been working on and I replied, “I have been beating it at least once a week and it has not yet come around!” This might well be a reflection of my frustration in why this wine has not come to a point we can bottle it or maybe I need to consider what TV shows I am watching?

If you have not been in recently, the new wines are well worth a try. I have been very happy with the new dry Chardonnel, SYCAMORE STUMP, because it has developed some very nice flavors. Its more then just a light crisp, white wine. Its actually got a bit more going on then that. It is a little young, but I’m drinking it!

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