Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Too Cold!

Ok, so I had a few minutes last night, so I worked on the website some more. Are you tired hearing about the website? Imagine how I must feel! LOL - I have something else I thought I would rant about, maybe you'll find it more interesting.

I am sick to death of being served COLD dry wines at restaurants! I go to a nice place, spend $20+ bucks on an appetizer, $20+ bucks on an entree, then another $20+ on what I hope is a decent wine. Then they bring it our and it is ICY cold. What is the matter with these people? Now i will admit there is some disagreement about what is the IDEAL temp' for each wine.

I looked at one wine site that listed over 100 wines at a variety of temps', especially the point that "cheap" wines should be colder then premium wines, to mute their undesirable flavor I guess.

BUT even this wine site showed it should not be 'beer' cold! The last red wine I ordered came as cold as soda pop, the last chardonnay was about the same. They stick the bottle in an ice bucket! Now, bring me a dry red at room temp and then stick it in an ice bucket, OK. A good red is best at below 70 degrees, closer to 60 in my view.

So, I have become a pain (I am certain) to some of our local eateries, since I want to send back any wine that is below 45 degrees. So do I start looking like a bigger wine geek by carrying a thermometer to check it? Well maybe, but I wish these folks who charge us outrageous prices ($28 for a >$10 wine? Now thats a mark-up!) for the wine they have to stock could at least get onboard and serve it at CLOSE to a reasonable temp.

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  1. Brandish your thermometer with pride I say. You've paid premium price, how about some premium service of product. Oh and a Face Book page for the winery. ;) J.L.Ewing

  2. More of a wine geek? Is that possible? I would be surprised that you don't carry a pocket thermometer.

  3. I second the Facebook page suggestions. I forget to visit your site, but I am on Facebook all the time.
    :) Erica Brehm