Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning? nah...

Ahh Spring! I love the warm weather, the sunny days, but its time to cut grass! I have never liked cutting grass but am too cheap to hire someone to do it. I usually buy a new mower every two or three years, but five years ago I bought one that is till going, will it start again this year or will I get a new mower to kick off 2010?

I did spend a good bit of time in the yard already. There are weeds and debris to clean up and our grapevines got pruned back. I am please with the progress the transplanted vine has made growing up on the lattice over our outdoor seating area. If the vine survived the winter, it should fully cover the arbor this year after making good progress last year.

We will complete the painting of the winery and the house this year, one way or the other. I allowed too many other things to divert me last year and we will get it done. Taking down the Big Red Awning is a big job, but it has to happen. I will attack that no later then Memorial Day weekend. (Famous Last Words)

It’s true the older you get the faster time flies, relative to yourself anyway. We have less then two months before we go back to our seven-day-a-week schedule at the winery. I know some of you will be happy about that because you have said you prefer us being there, well it starts up again Tuesday, June 1.

NEW WINE NAMES: Yes, we are working on ten new labels and we would like your input on what local names you would like to see us use on these new labels. We are looking for places of local interest that sound like the name of a wine (no more votes for “Gas City” please!). Email us or make a “comment” (see below) here to submit your idea for our new wine label names.

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  1. Well how about "Harrisburg"? Which was Gas City's original name, that's at least a little better!